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    When I Die: The Last Two Weeks of Philip Gould’s Life

    This intimate portrait reveals his quest to find purpose and meaning in what he called “The Death Zone.” He had been diagnosed with cancer of the oesophagus in 2008 and was given three months to live in the summer of 2011.

    Directed and photographed by Adrian Steirn

    Ed note: The story behind photographing Appalachia’s “country wakes.”

    Such an inspiring way of coping with death. People take life for granted and never embrace it with optimism. look for the positives in every story.

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    After stumbling across ‘16 Small Steps to Happiness’ on the internet so many times, I’d thought I’d repost it on my own blog. It’s such a nice little piece to read over when you’re perhaps not feeling your best, and should be a reminder that at the end of the day, true happiness isn’t defined by…

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  5. Age 14-20

    It was all about Funky Ties, Nu Rave, Marlborough Reds, Jack Daniels, GHD Hair-straighteners, Shockwaves Hairproducts, Jägerbombs, NME Magazine, Indie Music, Waste Coats, Cardigans, Front Magazine, Reading Festival, Flaming Sambucas, Lots Of Gigs, Nights Out On Thursdays, Nights Out on Fridays, Nights Out On Saturday. Quality Time With The Best Of Friends.  

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Cassie on We Heart It.


    Cassie on We Heart It.

  7. Let’s chat on  Meow App: mattkeane91. Get the App here: http://meow.me/?app

    Let’s chat on Meow App: mattkeane91. Get the App here: http://meow.me/?app

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    If you need something happy and energizing and AWESOME to listen to <3 So far my favorite spring song heh

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    The past is a perception. The future is an illusion. But right now, this is real.

    — Crystal Fighters tonight!!! (via in-dy)

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